Siddhesh Kabe
Salesforce Consultant- Sforce Ninja - Petty Dabbler in Technology and Gadgets


My name is Siddhesh Kabe, Indian and proud.

I help business go paperless using cloud platform of for 8 hours a day, the rest of the time, I change the world by telling stories in form of comics, blogs and books. I have a rock solid, award winning 6 years of consulting, training, designing, developing and advocating platform.

I am a Salesforce Platform purist and a advocate. As part of advocating platform, I have authored Developer Certification Handbook (ISBN: 1849683484) and promote the platform through sessions and talks with developer user groups and colleges.

I have five certifications and two more are on the way. I have good working knowledge on customization configuration and integration of Salesforce CRM. I explore Social Media, CRM, The Game theory and startups in India and jot down my findings on my blog. I like to break into things- code and gadgets and sincerely believe given enough coffee anything can be hacked into.

Feel free to get in touch in any way possible and together we will change the world over cup of hot coffee. .




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